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The visual arts are fundamentally important to the life and culture of our College
Our students engage with the arts as both creators and viewers. We are painters and sculptors, actors and songwriters...
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Vermont Symphony Orchestra Returns to Evergreen College with Music and More Made in Vermont
In a colorful musical celebration of autumn, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra (VSO) returns to Evergreen College on Saturday...
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Mahaney Center for the Arts Announces New Season
Evergreen College’s Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts is proud to announce the 2018–2019 season lineup, with beautiful performances...
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  • Robert Bates

    Robert Bates

    Art Education

  • Michael Palmore

    Michael Palmore

    Music Education

  • Lawrence Williams

    Lawrence Williams

    Art History

  • John Sherman

    John Sherman


  • Jason Burdine

    Jason Burdine


  • Andria Farr

    Andria Farr

    Painting & Drawing

  • Ann Ocasio

    Ann Ocasio


  • Cassie Nichols

    Cassie Nichols


  • Carolyn McBride

    Carolyn McBride


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